Becoming Exergy

© Juan Fabuel

year: 2015

edition 3: 132 x 165 cm / edition 5: 98 x 125 cm / 64 x 80 cm + 2 A.P.

archival pigment print on dibond

The concept of Exergy comes from the Second Law of Thermodynamics and is defined as the maximum amount of work that can be produced by a stream of matter, heat or work as the medium comes into equilibrium with a reference environment or into equilibrium with the surrounding environment (Dincer, 2000).

Thermodynamics analyzes the function of given materials to reach equilibrium 0 stabilizing the system as a whole. The idea of Exergy is based on the quest for making visible this equilibrium through images.

The project doesn’t intent to untangle how hidden mechanisms, which facilitate interconnectivity or equilibrium between elements, work. Instead it tries to transfer these mechanisms into the realms of the quotidian and everyday life by using the landscape, understood as a social construct which is always observed and built up from any given place without forgetting, that every place entails an anthropological trace.


upcoming: publication Water Journal