The work of Juan Fabuel is placed between intimate and social structures, using mediums such as photography, video, ceramics and installation to speak about home, movement, territory, representativeness, darkness and time.

Emotional and aesthetic dialogues between disciplines such as anthropology, politics, ecology, archeology, futures studies and technology define his artistic praxis.

In his projects, fiction and a speculative approach are proposed as a method. It allows altering and remodeling the so-called reality, opening up new possibilities, meanings and interpretations about what we believe and trust. As a consequence, new connotations and questions about ourselves eventually arise. 

Academic Qualifications
PhD Candidate in Fine Arts and Humanities. University of Murcia (UM)
Master of Arts in Cultural and Social Anthropology National Distance Education University (UNED)
Postgraduate in Photography, Video and New Media Faculty of Fine Arts. Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV)
Master of Arts in Media and Communications University of Valencia (UV) 

2019 Hold my Breath, Frontier Gallery No. 52 B1F, Taipei 
2018 Becoming Exergy, Galería Shiras, Valencia
2018 14,24, Janssens Gallery, Ghent
2017 14,24, Fundación Bancaja, Valencia
2005 Photographing Salgado (two person), Galleria delle Colonne, Parma
2003 Ritratti da una Città Ideale, Galleria delle Colonne, Parma

Group (Selection)
2023 SENSE OF PLACE, B-Part Gallery, Berlin
2022 Depot Fäscht, Winterthur
2022 Art Contemporàni de la Generalitat Valenciana lV, Las Cigarreras, Alicante
2021 Art Contemporàni de la Generalitat Valenciana lV, Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània (CCCC), Valencia 
2021 Art Contemporàni de la Generalitat Valenciana lV, Castellon
2020 Pilar Citoler Prize, Cordoba
2020 PHotoEspaña online exhibition, Madrid
2020 Pascal Janssens Gallery, Ghent
2019 EXPOSURE, MJ Fine Arts, Ghent
2019 La Nau, Fundación Cañada Blanch, Valencia
2019 Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris
2019 HUMAN + LANDSCAPE, PHotoESPAÑA, Colección Kells, Santander
2018 INVESTEC, Art Fair, Cape Town
2018 IN VIVO, Noorderlicht 2018 International Photofestival, Museum Belvédère, Oranjewoud
2018 Galería Shiras, Valencia
2018 Cortona on the Move Photo Festival, Italy
2018 Edition One Gallery, Critical Mass Top 50, Santa Fe, New Mexico
2017 Galería Shiras, Valencia
2015 Fritz86, Zürich
2013 Shimmer, Zürich
2012 Galería 9, Valencia
2011 Wallpaper, A&D Gallery, Barcelona
2011 Weisser Salon, Berlin
2010 Capalbiofotografia, Rome
2010 Road to Contemporary Art, Rome
2010 Academia de España, Rome
2010 FotoGrafia Festival Internazionale di Roma, American Academy, Rome
2009 Purificación García, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid
2009 Outuno Fotográfico, Ourense
2008 Footprints, Greenspot, Amsterdam
2008 PHotoEspaña Descubrimientos, Madrid
2007 PHotoEspaña Projections, Madrid
2006 Outono Fotográfico, Ourense
2006 Valencia Crea, Valencia
2006 Purificación García, Galveias Palace, Lisbon
2006 Purificación García, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid
2006 Muestra Audiovisual INJUVE, Amadís Galería, Madrid
2005 Muestra de Fotografía INJUVE, Amadís Galería, Madrid
2005 Thoughts of a Fish in the Deep Sea, Illy Gallery, New York
2005 Mermaid, Biennial of Valencia
2004 Uno Uno Prima, Lucca

Grants & Awards
2019 Pilar Citoler Prize, finalist, Spain 
2019 Consorcio de Museos de la Comunidad Valenciana, Cultura Resident, Artist in Residence, Taiwan
2018 Acquisition prize awarded by DKV, Spain
2018 Urbanautica Awards, 14,24 Shortlisted, Italy
2017 Critical Mass Top 50, Photolucida, USA
2013 Raymond Weil, international photography contest, finalist, Switzerland
2011 Colegio de España en Paris, FormArte, Artist in Residence, France
2009 Academia de España en Roma, MAE-AECID, Artist in Residence, Italy
2008 Descubrimientos PHotoEspaña, finalist, Spain
2006 Valencia Crea, honorable mention, Spain
2006 Purificación García, international photography contest, Spain
2005 INJUVE audiovisual contest, Spain
2005 INJUVE photography contest, Spain
2004 Docupolis Film Festival, finalist, Spain
2003 INJUVE, Spain
2002 Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional (AECID), Spain 

Consortium of Museums of the Valencian Government, Valencia 
Colección Kells, Santander
DKV, Zaragoza
Bancaja Foundation, Valencia
Ministry of Culture, Academia de España en Roma
Ministry of Culture, Colegio de España en París
Fondation Danoise, Paris
Solares Fondazione Culturale, Parma
Private collections 

The United Nations of Photography, 2023
American Anthropological Association, 5th Jan, 2023
, 2018
Gráffica, 16th Feb, 2017

El Mundo, 26th Feb, 2017
La Información, 16th Feb, 2017
ABC, 16th Feb, 2017
Las Provincias, 27th Feb, 2017

Curatorial Projects
2017 14,24, Bancaja Foundation, cocurated with Tana Capó, Valencia 
2015 The Invisible Resistance of Everyday Life l: Equivoque, La Posta Foundation, Valencia
2014 The Invisible Resistance of Everyday Life ll: Reify, La Posta Foundation, Valencia

2019 La Guapa. Music score composer
2018 Pope Francis - A Man of His Word. Producer. Director Wim Wenders
2005 Thoughts of a Fish in the Deep Sea
2004 Solares (or on Optimism) 

Lectures and Workshops
2023 CAS International Cultural Heritage Law, University of Geneva
2021 Master Studio Seminar Fotografie und Ort. Biberach School of Architecture
2016 Workshop The Space Between, Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny de València (EASD)
2016 Workshop The Space Between, ELISAVA, Barcelona
2016 Workshop The Space Between, Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny de València (EASD)
2015 Workshop The Space Between, Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny de València (EASD)